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The fairly crappy jobs

Let us face it, most of us have fairly crappy jobs.  Why is it that we think they are crappy?  Well, wages aside, our occupations are the things that occupy the MOST time in daily!  And if you’re single, that is time that may be put to use assembly stunning women to have fun with.  So in the event that you’re able to somehow “meld” play and work, you’ll not only be able to make rent this month, but you are also going to be much, much happier!  Now, you can meet hot women in just about any task you can think about, but a few jobs are actually better than many others when it comes to meeting girls. According to London escorts.


Being a bartender not only gives you a chance to meet everyone who enters the pub but in addition, it gives you an excuse to chat with anyone sitting at your station, including the super-hot girls! London escorts of said that it does not require much skill to be a bartender, but the hours can be savage, and based on where you bartend, the earnings can vary – as may the caliber of girls!  Bartending at a hip nightclub can be much better than that crappy dive bar close to your place, but regardless, few bartenders go home without a minimum of one number at the end of the evening.


If there’s one thing women are constantly concerned about, it’s becoming fat.   But, it’s also a great way to satisfy large, out of shape women as well!  London escorts believe that being at the gym most of the day will provide you exposure to additional feminine personal trainers and girls who like to work out, so the chance of meeting stunning women is definitely there.  Not only that, but being this “authority” for your female clients is a huge turn on for them, so it’s usually not a major stretch to become intimate with all the women that you train.  (Though it might not be the best for company!)  A good side effect of becoming a trainer is that it gives you an excuse to keep fit, which then can make it easier to attract girls.


Women like to shop, and beautiful women REALLY love to shop.  Working (or managing) a clothing shop that specializes in women’s style or trendy clothes is a superb way that you constantly meet attractive women.  It is the next best thing to being a rock star, and it doesn’t require much musical ability to pull away.  London escorts find out that women love songs, and music heavily influences people’s emotional condition.  When you are a DJ in a party or a rave, you are the middle of attention, and girls will cling to you because of it.   Strip Club DJ’s are almost certain to find some activity, and let’s face it, they don’t have to be very good to do so!  There are tons of great jobs out there which allow you to meet hot girls, but in my own opinion, these five are the ideal.  If you’re desperate to meet women and need a little additional money to boot, give one of them a go.