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Most women and London escorts from www.cityofeve.org will after a short while know how to turn their man on. Escorts as well as regular girls will quickly learn that there are certain things that make a man tick. But what is it about a woman’s body that is so special? Why do some men get really turned on by women’s body, and almost have a spontaneous orgasm on the site of a naked women?

There must be something which triggers this type of almost instinctive behavior in a man. I sat down with sex expert Dr. Martha Bliss to have a chat to her about sex, escorts and everything in between which makes up the world of sex and porn.

Dr, Bliss was happy to take some time out of her busy schedule to take about sex tips, and what is so special about a woman’s body. So, Dr Bliss what is about a woman’s body that turns men on?


It is all a matter of taste. In general most men like the look and feel of a woman’s body. As many London escorts know, most men like to touch and feel a woman’s body. They like the softness of the skin and the smell of a woman.

A horny woman, or a woman who is turned on, may smell in a special way. Men take this smell on board without realizing they are doing so, and this is, according to many escorts, what turn them on.

It is possibly true, and in the Al Pacino movie Scent of a Woman, we see this expressed very physically. Perhaps we should all let our natural scent prevail instead of spraying perfumes.


Some men prefer large boobs but others like small boobs. One thing is for certain, all men like boobs. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are large or small. They just need to be boobs.

Perhaps this is a bit of a maternal fascination but many guys do like to play with or look at women’s boobs. Some men cannot come until they have seen or touched their partner’s boobs, but this is taking it to the extreme.

Built in curves

Curvy hips and a slight belly take us back to ancient times. These are both signs of fertility and they automatically trigger something in the male mind. They just seem to cry out “Ravish me or Take me” and men will respond by a need to have sex with that woman.

Escorts all around the world make the most of their bodies. Many of the girls are naturally beautiful and there is no need for surgical enhancement. Many escorts who have dates with a real boob fascination appreciate how important this is, and may even seek to increase their bust size.

When it comes to good sex both bums and breasts are important. Most London escorts do like to keep in shape, and like to enhance their figures. Regular dates do appreciate this and most of the time the perfect date for you is out there somewhere. Large or small, it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.


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