Escorts at the golf club

I have always enjoyed dating escorts, and I have to say that most of the time they have been welcomed at the events that I go to. However, recently a new manager has taken over the running of our golf club house, and he is not keen that my lovely Chiswick escorts come in with me for lunches. He keeps saying things like he knows that my girlfriend are escorts, and since this is a golf club, I should think twice before bring my escorts to the club. It is a bit silly, and I keep telling him that I am a paying member.

sweet love for a chiswick escorts
sweet love for a chiswick escorts

The girls from Chiswick escorts are perfectly respectable and nice girls but the manager sees it a bit different. I know that less and less people have been coming into the club house recently, and the the manager is now trying to focus on creating more of a family atmosphere. As a matter of fact, the entire gold club is becoming more family oriented and we are now seeing a lot of young kids come into play golf. I am sure that this is great for the golf club, and is putting a lot of money in their pocket.

But, I often think that the Club House should be for the members that spend the most money. When I bring a girl from Chiswick escorts, I certainly spend a lot more money than many families. But, in this new era, it seems to be that a family focus is much more important. Our fantastic silver service Sunday roast dinners have been replaced by a cavery, and it is not the same thing at all. Yes, you can still sit down and enjoy a bottle of wine but you also have loads of kids running around.

Not being a parent I suppose I am having a hard time relating to all of this. The girls from Chiswick escorts have always ignored all of the politics. The last time I took one of my favorite escorts to the Club, I was told that the young lady was not dressed for the occasion. That may have been true but at the time we did not have any rules on dress in the Club House. In the last couple of weeks, a dress code has been put into place and I am finding it a bit snobbish to be honest.

Am I going to stop bring Chiswick escorts to the club? I suppose that I am going to have to and I may even look out for another golf club. The only problem is that all golf clubs are getting kind of snobbish and going upmarket, so I think that I would run into the problem elsewhere as well. So, should I give up golf? Maybe I should find another sport which is less snobbish, and concentrate on putting some more fun into my life. After all, I have the perfect delightful ladies to have some fun with anywhere and anytime. I wonder where else I can take my girls…

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