Having Sex And Making Love; What’s The Difference?

Many people draw a verbal distinction between having sex and making love, and they have the sense that this is much more than a mere linguistic difference. Making love refers to the emotionally intimate sex. Naturally, some people will describe all sex as ‘having sex.’ However, when people specify that they ‘had sex’ and did not ‘make love,’ they often mean that the sex that they had was emotionally meaningless and empty.

Sex is an intimate act one way or another. The sex that is ‘purely physical’ often occurs between partners who don’t respect each other. It is possible for people to have casual sex that is still intimate if those individuals have enough respect for one another. It is certainly possible to have some sort of an emotional connection with someone after a brief period of acquaintance, even if that connection is not actually love.

Many people are confused as to how a friends with benefits relationship works. These people have an emotional connection with one another and are friends in every other conventional way, except they also have sex. There are no special rules involved in a healthy friends-with-benefits relationship. These people may have a very sexually steamy relationship. They just aren’t exclusive, and they aren’t as emotionally committed to each other as the people who are in romantic relationships.

Sex in a romantic relationship and sex in a causal relationship can both be wild and satisfying. The romantic relationship will add the glow of long-term love and affection to the mix, but this is not required. People of all genders are capable of appreciating all kinds of consensual sex. Modern culture often treats sex and love as opposites, but this is not true. They are related to varying degrees.

Modern culture stereotypes men as being interested in loveless sex, but this is not true. This is a very modern stereotype that did not exist centuries ago. Some men are and some men are not. Most men prefer to be in long-term relationships, and some men like more casual sex or open relationships. Men feel pressure to like casual sex, regardless of whether or not they feel that way. People should choose what they like, as long as it is ethical. If adults like the sex that they are having and it is consensual, then they should not worry about whether or not their sex is the ‘right kind.’ To make open relationships, visit at cityofeve.com.

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